DeepCool PM650D Series non-modular power supplies are certified 80 PLUS Gold for efficient power delivery with great performance at a great value.
Reliable 80 PLUS Gold Efficiency
DeepCool PM650D Series non-modular power supplies are certified 80 PLUS Gold for efficient power delivery with great performance at a great value.
80 PLUS Gold Certified
Guarantees a minimum efficiency of 90% or higher under typical loads for reliable power delivery with little waste.
Quality topology
For solid power performance and minimal signal noise, the PM-D series PSU features a full-bridge LLC topology with DC-DC conversion and Japanese bulk capacitors that delivers terrific reliability.
Built to spec
Made to meet modern power supply design standards for consistent voltage stability, each PM-D power supply is also compliant with Intel PSU guidelines that support instant-on power from sleep or standby modes.
80 PLUS® Gold
80 PLUS® Gold certified - Up to 87~90% efficient (20~100% Loading)
Silent and High Performance Fan
120mm silent fan has temperature control function to keep low noise
Efficiency throughout
The PM-D series power supplies are compliant with the 2014 ErP regulations on energy savings and also the IEC 62368-1 for safety standards.
* This product is prohibited from being used for mining and other abnormal uses. If the product fails due to it, DeepCool can refuse to provide the relevant warranty service according to the power supply warranty regulations.
Peace of mind
Safeguard your power source with well-round circuit protection including OPP/OVP/SCP/OTP/OCP/UVP.
Over Power Protection
Over Voltage Protection
Short Circuit Protection
Over Temp Protection
Over Current Protection
Under Voltage Protection
Main Power Connector (20+4)Pin x 1
CPU(4+4)Pin x 1
PCI-E(6+2)Pin x 1
SATA x 3
4Pin Peripheral x 3
Technical Spec
Type ATX12V V2.4
Product Dimensions 150×140×86mm (W x L x H)
80PLUS Certifications GOLD
Fan Size 120mm
Fan Bearing Hypro Bearing
Topology Active PFC + Full Bridge SRC LLC + DC to DC
Capacitors Japanese Bulk Capacitor
Power Good Signal 100-150ms
Hold Up Time ≥16ms(75% Load)
Efficiency ≥90% Under Typical Load(50% Loading)
Operation Temperature 0-40°C
Erp Regulation ErP(2014)
MTBF 100,000 Hours
EAN P/N 6933412709657 R-PM650D-FA0B-AU
6933412709664 R-PM650D-FA0B-CN
6933412709671 R-PM650D-FA0B-EU
6933412709688 R-PM650D-FA0B-JP
6933412709695 R-PM650D-FA0B-UK
6933412709701 R-PM650D-FA0B-US
6933412709718 R-PM650D-FA0B-WO
6933412710097 R-PM650D-FA0B-AR
6933412710103 R-PM650D-FA0B-BR
6933412711117 R-PM650D-FA0B-BU
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