PAB 300
Display your graphics card in full view with the PAB300 vertical GPU mount.
Vertical GPU Mount
Equipped with metal graphics card holder with a 200mm extension cable, PAB300 is used to establish an external connection with a vertical graphics card. Its 90°vertical installation perfectly displays your graphics card and offers complete protection. Preventing it from bending or sagging, while also reducing stress for the motherboard.
Standard high-quality PCI-E 16X 164-pins slot for both ends. Unicrystal OCC copper wire significantly improves signal stability and structural strength.
Large rubber pad is attached at the bottom to further absorb vibration.
Easy Installation
PAB 300 is applicable for the MATREXX 70 / MATREXX 55 V3/ MATREXX 50 / MACBUE 310 series case.
● Loosen the last 5 screws of the chassis PCI-E baffle. Insert the graphics card bracket and tighten the screws.
● Tighten the upper and lower screws on the right side of the PCI-E baffle.
● Fix hand screw on the right-side of your chassis.
● Connect the graphics card extension cable to the motherboard PCI-E slot.
● Unplug PAB300 graphics card slot and lock the latch after installing the graphics card.
● Install the graphics card fixing screws.
Technical Spec
Overall Dimension 320×90×154mm
Line length 200mm
Net Weight 0.4kg
Interface Support PCI Express 16X
Products Support MATREXX 70 / MATREXX 55 V3/ MATREXX 50 / MACBUE 310 series Products