DeepCool launches Captain RGB CPU Liquid Cooler
- Captain EX RGB Series
May, 2017 - DeepCool
DeepCool is a company that was built with the vision of providing the finest PC DIY solution for worldwide customers by constantly seeking innovative breakthroughs.
Building on the successful achievements in its previous Aio liquid coolers, today DeepCool launches another amazing product in the Captain EX lineup, featuring synchronized RGB lighting system - Captain EX RGB Series.

Captain EX RGB retains all the key features of the Captain EX Series, now integrating the latest RGB variable lighting system which incorporates waterblock and LED strip for a more excellent visual experience.

Fabulous Synchronized RGB Lighting System
With the RGB waterblock and an attached RGB LED strip, the aesthetics of your whole rig can be easily enhanced in a flash. All you need to do is customize the LED lighting to match your system with the included wired controller.

Software Control
If you have motherboard supporting RGB lighting, then software control is accessible for you by simply plugging the RGB connector included into the RGB Header on your motherboard.

Available in June, 2017
Captain 120EX RGB – 99.99 USD
Captain 240EX RGB – 129.99 USD
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